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Extension Cable Not Compatible?

I recently bought an extension cable for my OL, as my original USB-Male 3.0 to USB-C is only 6 ft long. The extension cord is 10 feet long and when plugged in to the original cable and my pc, it says it's a 2.0 cable. I have verified the fact it is 3.0 by it's 9 pins. Is this an issue with the software or the cable? 


  • endertuber123endertuber123 Posts: 7
    I have had a similar situation. For me, the Oculus software can be weirdly picky about it's connection to the headset. I can confirm that there are extension cables that work. I can also confirm that the 2 extension cables I have (10ft and 16ft) not only worked with the quest individually, but worked with the quest together. Although, the more extension the less stable the connection. Keep fiddling with the connections/restarting the headset and the software will eventually recognize the headset. If after a while there is still no sign of connection, then your extension cable probably just doesn't work with the headset for whatever reason.
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