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Spotify for Oculus Quest

BloodstoolBloodstool Posts: 6
Brain Burst
Someone should make a Spotify app for the Quest, complete with a procedural, audio responsive visualizer ala DMT/Mushrooms. 
Drift away on a visual trip to YOUR OWN playlist for hours.


  • stonecraftartsstonecraftarts Posts: 6
    Absolutely! I don't know why the Devs haven't done this already. I would pay $100 for this app!
  • JeromeloydJeromeloyd Posts: 1
    I think with the latest version of spotify, there will be no more problems
  • JessieNewmanJessieNewman Posts: 2
    That's exactly what I'm looking at spotify techbigs
  • margaret-123margaret-123 Posts: 1
    edited July 4
    That's interesting! Spotify is a popular music streaming app. I love it so much. I believe that you also have your own playlist on it. There is no doubt that adding songs to Oculus Quest gives you a better experience. But you are not allowed to directly transfer music to Oculus Quest, just because of DRM protection from Spotify. So finding a converter is important. I will recommend you the most useful converter I have ever used! That is a product from DumpMedia. You can go to the official website to know more about it. Site: <b></b> :) 
  • JKattieJKattie Posts: 1
    Agree with margaret,the most easiest way to listen Spotify music on Oculus Quest is to using a Spotify Music Converter.
    I know that there are many same software on the market but don't know it is legal or friend recommended the Tunelf Spotify Music Converter for me last time,I haven't used it till now. :open_mouth:
  • Wlee2060Wlee2060 Posts: 1
    Yeah, that's really a good idea. I usually use Spotify to find great songs and also use TunesKit Spotify Converter as a supplement. It can help me download and convert Spotify music to MP3 for offline playback. I'm wondering maybe this is a good way to play Spotify on Oculus Quest. 
  • purplerain330purplerain330 Posts: 2
    To have Spotify available for Oculus, the Spotify Downloader from Audfree is able to help you out. It can download all Spotify music with original quality at fast speed and then you can listen to them on your devices offline.
  • muddyCookiemuddyCookie Posts: 4
    I dont know how well this would work, considering I've never done it with Spotify, but you might be able to sideload the Android Spotify app using SideQuest.  If you look up how to sideload Minecraft onto the Quest you should be able to find a tutorial to help you, just instead of the Minecraft app it would be the Spotify app.
  • kasssiekasssie Posts: 8
    To get Spotify on Oculus or other devices, then you could try to use the tool DRmare Windows Music Converter for Spotify to help you. This tool can get Spotify music as local files with plain audio formats and then you can move them to Oculus or other platforms for listening on the go offline.
  • NunyabinezNunyabinez Posts: 162
    edited September 13
    Why couldn't Spotify make a client for Quest and stream directly to it? It's not like the Quest doesn't have WiFi. I assume it is because there aren't enough potential customers yet compared with PC, Android or iOS.
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