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Spotify for Oculus Quest

BloodstoolBloodstool Posts: 6
Someone should make a Spotify app for the Quest, complete with a procedural, audio responsive visualizer ala DMT/Mushrooms. 
Drift away on a visual trip to YOUR OWN playlist for hours.


  • stonecraftartsstonecraftarts Posts: 4
    Absolutely! I don't know why the Devs haven't done this already. I would pay $100 for this app!
  • JeromeloydJeromeloyd Posts: 1
    I think with the latest version of spotify, there will be no more problems
  • JessieNewmanJessieNewman Posts: 2
    That's exactly what I'm looking at spotify techbigs
  • margaret-123margaret-123 Posts: 1
    edited July 4
    That's interesting! Spotify is a popular music streaming app. I love it so much. I believe that you also have your own playlist on it. There is no doubt that adding songs to Oculus Quest gives you a better experience. But you are not allowed to directly transfer music to Oculus Quest, just because of DRM protection from Spotify. So finding a converter is important. I will recommend you the most useful converter I have ever used! That is a product from DumpMedia. You can go to the official website to know more about it. Site: :) 
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