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What games should I get for the Oculus Quest?

I recently bought an Oculus Quest and I’m really excited to play new games on it. I’ve gotten Beat saber, Superhot and The Climb so far and I’m loving all of them (especially beat saber). What other games should I add to my collection? (Other than Pistol Whip which I’m not planning on getting)


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 214
    Nexus 6
    Aside from the great games you already have, some of my favorite paid games are:
    The Vader Immortal series (1,2&3)
    I Expect You To Die
    Arizona Sunshine
    Apex Construct
    Virtual Virtual Reality
    Thrill Of The Fight
    A Fishermans Tale

    And there's some awesome free games like:
    Rec Room
    Mission: ISS
    Pokerstars VR
    Altspace VR

    There's many more great games, but these are my recommendations. It all depends on your personal tastes, but anything rated 4 stars or above is a safe bet. And if you really regret buying a game you can get refund within 2 weeks if you have played it for less than 2 hours.

    Welcome to the Quest community!
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