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Optimal hardware for Oculus Medium

Holm76Holm76 Posts: 4
So a bit of background.
I recently got a Rift-S and am using it with a Razer Blade 15 Base Model 2018. This works great for gaming. Well at least the games that I've played with it until now.

But when working in Medium it seems to be lagging when my tools are too large. That means I have to work very small most of the time. Cut tool takes AGES to finish.

Because I want to explorer my creative side I have decided to build a new PC and I need to know which is the best CPU to use for creative work?
I'm not Intel or Ryzen fanboi so either side will do but I hope that the choice will be good for both VR gaming and modeling in VR.

Currently I'm looking at a i9 9900k build. Its expensive but I hear that that CPU is good for both gaming AND creative tools because of cores and threads. As I understand Ryzen is also good but could be halted a little on the gaming side? Or thats what I hear at least.

What hardware are you using and are you having any problems using Medium?


  • hughJhughJ Posts: 37
    Brain Burst
    edited December 2019
    The cut tool is pretty CPU intensive and kind of clunky to use accurately even at the best of times, imo.  I pretty much stopped using it a couple years ago in favor of just duplicating the whole layer and then manually erasing opposing halves on the 2 layers.  You get a lot more control that way, and it's far faster.  I guess the one thing that the cut tool does is cut through multiple layers at once, but that seems like an atypical case.

    As far as Medium hardware goes, it's RAM and CPU threads.  I'd probably want a minimum of 32GB and then buy as many threads as you can get.  Even with an unlimited budget and uber hardware though you may find that the same things you're trying to do in Medium (like using the cut tool on big sculpt layer(s)) aren't going to be instantaneous.
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