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Beat Saber Song Packs Across Platforms

NunyabinezNunyabinez Posts: 62
Hiro Protagonist
I was gifted Beat Saber on Steam before I had purchased a Quest (I already had a CV1). I understand that if you buy Beat Saber on Oculus Store for Rift, you will have to buy it again on the Quest, but that music packs are shared. However, buying music packs on Steam or the Quest doesn't make it available on the other.

I have sent a request to Beat Saber to see if they will give me credit on one platform or the other so I only have to buy it once. But I emailed them once before and never got any response. 

My question is: Has anyone in my same situation been able to figure out how to get the music packs between Steam and Quest? I don't want to wait for weeks for a response that never comes if the answer is I have to buy the music twice since I bought on two different stores.  
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  • vraintdeadvraintdead Posts: 6
    Not possible.  I thought they said packs would be "buy once, available everywhere" but I cannot find that statement anywhere.  Only the Oculus cross-buy statement.  No big loss, but sucks if you use both platforms regularly.
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