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New vacation simulator problem

FueFue54FueFue54 Posts: 3
So I pre-ordered Vacation Simulator and Ive been waiting for it for awhile. I looked on the 12th of December to see if it was installing only to see that it won’t let me install it. I came the next day only to have the same problem. I have checked my data and I have enough storage and I have reset my Oculus quest multiple times but it won’t change. Can someone help?


  • KentobiKentobi Posts: 95
    Hiro Protagonist
    Have you looked in your library and not the store? It looked weird for me too, but it was in my library listed as uninstalled, and I could install it from there. 
  • FueFue54FueFue54 Posts: 3
    I have looked in it and there is nothing there. I can’t find any sign that it’s been there 
  • pschofieldjrpschofieldjr Posts: 1
    where is rafting because it is not there for me

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