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Amazon Prime VR takes 3+ hours to Load.. what is the trip?

HigrpwdHigrpwd Posts: 4
I'm new to this so if I'm doing something wrong please tell me but I finally go it to load a week ago after about 3+ hours of waiting for it to load.. I logged in picked a movie.. this took another half hour.. then started to watch it.. my mistake was I backed out to see if I could make the resolution better in the 'settings' area.  Once I backed out it wanted me to go back to the 'loading...' screen again.. which is where I am now.  I uninstalled and installed again well.. I am installing now but does it really take this long to install this???  I am on Comcast and this is the GO so I have speed.. what is with the hours of waiting?


  • TestieeTestiee Posts: 3
    Amazon just sucks.
  • godlesswondergodlesswonder Posts: 8
    edited December 2019
    *I can't actually solve the problem, but wanted to say - definitely not normal. I just downloaded, installed and used Prime VR today for the first time. There were no issues - started right up with only seconds of load time. I also use Comcast and the Go. Sorry I have no solution, just wanted to say it's something other than the app.

    *edit to add, yeah - not the most responsive forum - 746 unanswered posts. I cross post at reddit's oculus go subreddit, might be worth a try. I have gotten some response there.
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