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RGB line suddenly appeared - Rift S

gab754gab754 Posts: 3
Hi everyone,

An RGB line suddenly appeared and it never goes away, no matter what I do.

It goes across both lenses, kind of like a "lattitudinal" line. I say RGB because it litteraly looks like it's red / green / blue.

I have been troubleshooting quite a bit with the usual steps (changing cables, changing slots, reinstalling drivers, etc.), but nothing helps.

I opened a ticket and I'm now waiting.

I am hosting an event soon so I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with that !!! :(

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the help !


  • gab754gab754 Posts: 3
    Here are two pictures. Look at the bottom, you will se a "blueish / purpleish" line. On a black background, it either show a full rgb line, or some rgb pixels, but on the left of the 2nd picture, you can still see the "blue/purple" line.

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