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Unable to install OculusSetup on a drive with plenty of space

sgtlyxixsgtlyxix Posts: 5
Well, I'm out of ideas here.  I want my Oculus software on my (smaller) Solid State C: drive so it runs quicker.  Win10 clearly lists my C: drive as having 59.2 GB free of 223 GB total.  My 1TB conventional spinning disk is where my Downloads directory is, and I run D:\Downloads\OculusSetup.exe /drive:C and it gives me an immediate "Ineligible Drive Selected" error, saying "The drive you selected doesn't meet the requirements for installation.  Oculus requires 21.6 GB on an internal NTFS drive.  Please select a different drive, or visit Oculus Support to learn more."  Just to be sure, I did check Disk Manager, and it does list (C:) as being "223.03 GB NTFS - Healthy" as well as saying it has 59.26GB free there, too.  So...what's the deal?  Oculus, any help?  FYI, if I try to run the program just from the downloads directory, it gives me a slightly different "Not Enough Space" error, but still says it requires 21.6GB and I don't have it (which I have 59.2 GB free on my C drive, and 608.79 GB free on my D drive.
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