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star trek uplay

proutosproutos Posts: 25
Brain Burst
edited December 2019 in Oculus Quest
Just bought Star Trek and impossible to log on Uplay. Im logged on my PC, im logged on the Quest but the game cant log on uplay for some reason... Im an existing user and i see the uplay sign flashing for 30 minutes now.....

edit, as i can see, im not the only one, there is a guy who gave 1 star because he cant connect. I suppose it is not working at all for everyone?

Reedit, Woohoo, it work now :)


  • LynlisssLynlisss Posts: 5
    edited December 2019
    Same, it's like we're caught in some infinite loop. 

    edit...I will try later to see if I also was released from the infinite time loop.  :D  
  • tony.podolsaktony.podolsak Posts: 1
    Im stuck as well. Is there a solution to this? Im in Australia.

  • proutosproutos Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    Wait 5 min for the flashing light, stop completly the Quest (stop button) and it should work, if not, rince and repeat. it took me like 4-5 times.
  • Capt_JoeBusterCapt_JoeBuster Posts: 2
    whats going on same 😤😤
  • Capt_JoeBusterCapt_JoeBuster Posts: 2
    How do you log in. I want my money back
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