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Nvidia control panel missing + Chrome not saving passwords

MattC2510MattC2510 Posts: 27
Brain Burst
edited December 2019 in Off-Topic
After installing latest Nvidia drivers i get message on desktop icon tray that the Nvidia Control panel is missing, i tried reinstalling drivers but nothing.
What could cause that?

Also noticed now Google Chrome is not saving password anymore.  I would turn my pc on and load up chrome and go on Facebook, youtube or twitter expecting to be logged in already but im signed out and settings not saved.

Not sure if a recent windows update might of done something or i was using Oculus Debug tool around the time restart as administrator as i had trouble updating to V12


  • MattC2510MattC2510 Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    Downloaded control panel from Windows store, Nvidia control panel appears fixed.

    Google chrome seems ok now, not sure if it was related to the control panel, i was getting low on disk space so that was a possibility. 
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