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P3Dv4.5 crashes after new Oculus driver installed

My combo of P3Dv4.5 was running flawlessly when, a few days ago, at the start of a new P3D flight, during the default startup screen of P3D, Oculus interrupted and said that it was going install an new driver for my Rift. After that, I was asked to reboot the PC and re-start P3D. From that moment on, P3D crashed during the startup phase. Windows 10 event viewer says that the cause was P3D and the effect was a fault in Kernelbase.dll.
I then de-installed Oculus software completely, re-booted, started P3D: P3D works i. e. gets past the default startup screen!
My conclusion is that obviously something in the Oculus software caused the crash probably the new driver.
Can you help please.


  • vtristramvtristram Posts: 7
    fixed after installing new VirtualReality.dll from LM. Sorry, Oculus, I barked up the wrong tree...
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