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Oculus Rift S | PC freezing when DisplayPort is plugged in.

NexAU_NexAU_ Posts: 1

I've recently obtained an Oculus Rift S, yet I have not been able to get through the setup process. After plugging in the USB cable from the Rift S, the green tick appears in the Oculus software, and as soon as the DisplayPort cable from the Rift S is plugged in, my PC freezes. Upon removing the DisplayPort cable from the Graphics Card slot, my PC unfreezes (takes a few minutes). I've also noticed that if the Rift S is plugged in when turning my PC on, my PC freezes as soon as I get into the login screen.

What I've tried:
- Reinstalling graphics drivers (even using DDU).
- Trying another DisplayPort slot on my GPU.
- Trying other USB slots.
- Re-seating the Rift S cable.
- Removing all other USB devices.
- Changing power options of USB devices.
- Reinstalling/updating USB drivers.
- Flashed BIOS.
- Used 2 separate PCI-e cables to power my GPU.
- Removed all overclocks on my GPU, CPU and RAM.
- Underclocked GPU.
- Uninstalled all ASUS software (Aura, AI Suite etc.)
- Unplugged second monitor.
- Reinstalled Oculus software.
- Delayed OVRServer_x64.exe in startup.

Both my monitors are plugged in via HDMI, so I am assuming there is an issue with my DisplayPort(s) on my GPU. Upon swapping my GPU with another 2080 (different brand, not OC edition), the green tick popped up in the Oculus software, and my PC did not freeze. I've never used my DisplayPorts on my GPU until now, so it seems that they may be the cause of the problem.

My computer specifications:
- CPU: i7 9700k
- MOBO: ASUS z390-F
- RAM: 16gb
- Windows version: Windows 10 Home, version 1909 (OS build 18363.535)

I just can't see how both of my DisplayPorts would be broken, or if this is even the issue. Does anyone have any other suggestions before I RMA my GPU?



  • darkmatter77712darkmatter77712 Posts: 2
    I’m having A similar issue it will not connect the display port even though my computer sees i5 and recognizes it as a display  Device .  Seems like it should be some setting blocking yet I could even make it the main display source .  But will not connect for some reason. I even sending my love to oculus but they had no real help install the software and reinstalled turned off windows firewalls and anti virus. 

     Has anyone figured it out ?  This is kind of messing up Christmas for my son . 
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