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Oculus Quest screen shows the 3 dots, Oculus Logo, and plays audio. Afterwards, always black.

JStrike117JStrike117 Posts: 2
When turning on my quest it plays its normal loading sequence of dots and the logo and the audio, but then the screen is only black and I can't see controllers at all either. I have factory reset it 6 times - three from my phone and three using the volume buttons. It happened after I was wearing the quest and using the passthrough system when it is looking for a guardian setup. (was using this to test if I could go a whole day wearing the headset)  the screen turned black and I had audio still and the battery was still about 30% according to my phone. I can't find a fix anywhere and the resets do not help. Does anyone know what to do?

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  • PiperyePiperye Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    Same thing happened to me, it was working fine, then suddenly this problem, then I noticed, if I pressed the unit against my head, the screen lit up,  it turns out the problem was the silicone cover I had installed over the face pad, I think it was somehow interfering with the sensor in the head unit, I removed it, and it hasn't happened since.
  • JStrike117JStrike117 Posts: 2
    h.r.gargi said:
    Since you already did a factory reset I would suggest to try to get a replacement. 
    How would I send in my Oculus Quest to have them review it? I purchased it through Amazon and I have owned it for just over two months now so I don't think I can send it back to amazon. Where should I go?
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