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Massive amounts of jutter/stutter/ghosting.

Let me start noting that I have posted this to the DCS forms. But based on setting all settings to low and the issue still happening. I do not believe it to be a DCS specific problem. Let me explain.

Starting a couple of days ago I began to have way worse ghosting than I noticed before in the Rift S. And as I posted on another post this begun giving me motion sickness.

I noticed it a bit in the f16 first but when I reverted back to flying the f14 I noticed it was present there.

I had this issue before but it seem to be tolerable and nothing anyone seem to suggest or report seem to help my situation.

So here is where I stand at present.

horrific ghosting  occurs the moment I load the sim. If I press cntrl 1 to turn off asw.. It just makes it worse. if I press cntrl 2 it seems to have no effect that I can tell. Pressing cntrl 3 nets some results for a bit. The ghosting is minimized and I can look around without getting sick.

Here is were it gets  worse for me.  After a few minutes of flight The ghosting will appear on the tree's. It almost looks like a slide show or like the trees are being dragged and popping for into the next location. And this is what makes flying hard. 

Trying to fly a low levels  with this apparent jutter or ghosting whatever you wanna call it makes me sick to my stomach.

Now on to the things that I've tried to do to fix it.

original set pixel density to 1.0 and lower. selected the low option for dcs settings and I still get the ghosting/jutter
I've tried new drivers and old drivers.
Tried removing all monitoring programs such as msi afterburner or hwinfo.
I've added and removed overclocks from both the gpu and cpu .
I've used Process lasso of and on. 
I've checked my temps all which are within range of normal.
I've tried every port on my motherboard including buying a inatek usb card.
I've done a repair/reinstall of dcs and the Oculus software.
I've checked ram for performance differences
Removed my multi monitor setup.
Turned on xmp profiles and turned it off. 
And last ditch as of writing this I have reinstalled windows version 1909

The hardware that I am working with is as follows.

i7 8700k 4.6ghz 32 gigs of 3200 ram 500 Samsung evo ssdsx2 4tb hdd Msi gaming x trio 2080ti.

Most of this parts are a year old or less. They also run fine when not using Vr.

I'm pretty much at a loss for words and pretty bummed that I can't fly.  I pretty much use the rift s to fly and race ....
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