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"Non-motion" related VR sickness question...

SawersadamSawersadam Posts: 49
edited May 2013 in Off-Topic
Have been thinking about real life objects being used to provide real physical feedback in VR.

One specific example I have in mind is Pool (the billiards game), imagine if you entered the dimensions of your dining table as a configuration for the size of the table you were going to play on in game.

You could then put your weight on the table that you can see with your eyes inside the rift and if positional tracking were enabled (and you had a wiimote taped to a broom handle) perhaps you could play a convincing game?

My question is around how dis-orienting would it be to not feel baize or the cushion at the edge of the table?
an this type of disconnect make you feel giddy or is it just motion related?
Has anyone experienced any non-motion related ill-feeling so far?....


  • 320x200320x200 Posts: 125
    Hiro Protagonist
    I routinely bump into IRL objects which are not present in the simulation, sort of a mirror situation to your question. I was surprised how completely unimportant it has been to maintaining the illusion of the simulated space.

    I'm sure it will vary from person to person, but in my experience it seems "obvious" or "natural" that there are obstructions in one world which aren't present in another, and that the worlds overlap and you're existing in both at the same time.

    It's sort of like when you play a game and you try to jump over a rock that you should be able to jump over, but there is an invisible wall put up by the level designers to keep you from getting out of the game area. Sure, it breaks the illusion a small bit to have invisible differences in the world, but it's not really a huge deal.
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