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Chromecast not working with Oculus Quest 12.0 OS

carlsonpdcarlsonpd Posts: 8
I got a Chromecast Ultra for Christmas and it worked seemlessly before I updated to the 12.0 OS. After updating, the Chromecast no longer is an option to cast to. This is unacceptable. Please contact me with the solution to fix this Asap.


    I bought the quest for christmas and i am using the new Chromecast Gen 3. It will not show it in the options to cast to it. I am trying to figure out a way to connect it. They are on the same network and all the other trouble shooting crap.
  • carlsonpdcarlsonpd Posts: 8
    Seems that Chromecast is working again. My phone was never turned on this morning and I put my quest on and checked for the chromecast by clicking cast button in my quest and it was there. I clicked cast and was good in about 2 secs. Not sure if they updated something or if there was just a glitch to begin with? So i guess just leave phone off and access chromecast directly from the headset is the answer? Not sure, but that seems to work.
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