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Error installation, please restart computer error

ProperrobinProperrobin Posts: 1
this is my first time installing the oculus software and I Keep getting this error (not allowed to add links)
someone please help me, I’ve been trying for 2 days now all through my Christmas ect, I’ve disabled all anti viruses, remaining files that’s left behind, windows defender, searched hrs through forums and oculus help sites ect ect and still no luck, I’m beyond frustrated someone help me, I have no logs since it doesn’t give me them when it fails to install.
my specs are:
amd fx 8320 processor 8 core
rx 570 
16 gb ram 


  • Robespierre007Robespierre007 Posts: 4
    Friend, I have the same problem with the Oculus Rift. I have 2 days making the same things as you and still have the same error every time. Did you solve it? and if so, how? I also send a ticket but no response till now and I am going crazy and I am thinking of returning it before I throw it to the window :(  
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