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VR causing huge fps drops

I'm very new to VR and just recently got my Oculus Rift so I'm sorry if this is a stupid question and a waste of time. I've been trying to play the game VRChat, the fps varies on what world you are in and the avatars around you. In most worlds I can run desktop mode at 1920 x 1080 at 90fps. When I launch it on the Rift downloaded from the Oculus store, it usually runs at 20fps and is very hard to even look at. So I guess my question is, does running games on VR cause fps drops in general, and should they be this bad?


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,004 Volunteer Moderator
    VR rendering requires more GPU power. Partially because it's got to render two images (that's extra work for the game's engine), but also because the default res is quite high.
    On a Rift-S, the default total resolution (adding both eye images) is 3296x1776, which is a lot more work than 1920x1080.

    That may sound odd due to the Rift-S only having a resolution of 2560x1440, but they need to render higher to counteract the distortion of the lenses.

    What kind of graphics card are you running on?
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