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Cant Install Beat Saber

JustCallMeGavJustCallMeGav Posts: 1
I've owned Beat Saber for a while now I was going to update it but it wouldn't work I uninstalled it hoping to reinstall it and it goes to download then stops at 0% then it says sorry we couldn't install beat saber please visit Oculus support for help
I've tried restarting the computer and the oculus turning off anti virus software and firewall and im at the point where I have no more ideas please help
I own Oculus Rift S


  • CollinfunCollinfun Posts: 2
    Have you tried booting into safe mode?
    What about reinstalling oculus software as a whole.
    Has your computer installed any files at all? if so go to your installation point and delete all the beat saber files.
    What version of windows are you running on?
    does this happen with any other games.
    im assuming your installing from oculus store and not steam.
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