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Why does it keep telling me to restart my computer when I try to install the Rift S Software?

idontevennknowwwidontevennknowww Posts: 1
I haven't downloaded this before, and every time I try to install it, the progress bar will go all the way to the end then stop and the bar will go away and say that I need to restart my computer. I have tried many options but none seem to work. Can anyone help?


  • jaceyessirjaceyessir Posts: 6
    Bump. Same problem.
  • DwainredDwainred Posts: 1
    Anyone find an answer to this?

  • rednekcowboy77rednekcowboy77 Posts: 168
    There should be a temp file on the root of c:  Delete that, restart your pc and then try the install again.  If that doesn't work, download Revo Uninstaller Pro, do a "Forced Uninstall" point it to the Oculus setup file you downloaded and delete all the reg keys and files it finds in the scans after.  Then reboot and run the setup again.
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