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Stuck in VR Stormland after getting in a room full of weapons

DeminoDemino Posts: 2

*Spoiler alert*
I have played Stormland for a while now and managed to save Nix. After that I had to find 3 keys to open up a room full of weapons below the ground. Its right after saving Nix (and after the big reset of all weapons and abilitys). The room was similar to the room when I managed to meet the guy with all the gear on his back. So I went down, got the plant and nothing else happened. I don`t know what to do next. The guidance says "locate and deactivate the switch in the stratum to unlock the storm portal to get closer to terminus", but nothing is marked at the map and in the room is nothing else to explore. I feel like I missed an important step. 

Any help is appreciated since I really love this game and would like to get further in the story :smiley:


  • Tarix79Tarix79 Posts: 1
    Came across this thread because I am in the exact same situation.  OP - did you ever figure this out?? 
  • DeminoDemino Posts: 2
    Hi Tarix. Yes, i figured it out. This time nothing is marked on the map but on one island is still a key (on top of it). Find it and the story will go on :)
  • ManydoorsManydoors Posts: 20
    edited February 3
    Is this game infesting and have a story, or just a fps?  
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