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Rift S can't get past setup

JabbaTheTrumpJabbaTheTrump Posts: 2
Yesterday I got myself a new Rift S, and I immediately faced a huge amount of issues with it.
At first, I could connect it to my PC and get past the setup, but my hands got stuck under the floor and the sound stopped after ~20 minutes. Since then, the same thing would happen every ~20 minutes (I had to try a multitude of different fixes for it to get past the setup).
Today I played a couple of times, up until my hands got stuck again like before. After that, I couldn't even get past setup, It'd get stuck either in the "Connect Your Headset" section or the sensor section. In both sections, the program loaded infinitely, and never showed me an error. Now I can't get past the "Connect Your Headset" section at all.

Things I tried:
- Repairing the software
- Reinstalling the software
- Disconnecting the USB and Display, connecting the USB after a couple of seconds, and then connecting the Display after ~10 seconds
- Using different USB 3.0 and Display ports.
- Updating the Rift Hub driver on the device manager
- Reinstalling the USB 3.0 driver
- Restarting my PC
- Reconnecting the cable attached to the headset

My pc is VR ready (I used the compatibility tool).
My USB 3.0 ports are working fine with other devices.
The device manager doesn't show the RIFT S HUB thing anymore.


  • jaceyessirjaceyessir Posts: 6
    My rift S can’t get past the setup right now, do you know how to fix it?

  • supernova_relicsupernova_relic Posts: 2
    i had the same issue which i managed to fix
    uninstall all your usb drivers on your machine. Retstart your pc and let windows install all your drivers again.
    If you see USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller disable it. That fixed my issue 
  • JabbaTheTrumpJabbaTheTrump Posts: 2
    You can't uninstall the drivers without everything breaking, or so it seems.
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