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Oculus Link OBS Audio Streaming to Twitch (and in general)

jtrdfw87jtrdfw87 Posts: 1

I'm trying to get OBS to stream Quest footage to Twitch. The video works as expected, in fact it looks way better than what I actually see (though this makes sense here) but I can't pipe in the audio. I see no activity on the audio meter. I've tried general default audio and the Oculus Virtual Audio Device as a source. I was hoping that was put in specifically for hooking in audio but I haven't been able to get anything from it. In fact even Windows can only "see" a steady 50% volume tone on that playback device. 

I understand this is beta and I had a very beta experience getting Link to work at all so I wouldn't be shocked if this wasn't possible yet but I could also be screwing this up. Has anybody else been able to make this work, and if so how did you?

If its not possible I can only imagine it will be possible in the future considering the relative importance of being able to stream or record. I only have a vague idea how this works, it seems to be more or less streaming audio/video to the Quest from the Oculus software as is, so this isn't necessarily as straightforward as I thought it might be.



  • david.Dobioschdavid.Dobiosch Posts: 2
    I have exact the sam problem, it is only working if i put the sound out of my Pc boxes
  • traeheskettraehesket Posts: 1
    I'm also having this exact problem. Earlier today before trying to set up OBS, everything seemed to be working perfectly. Now the audio is all kinds of fucked, I've spent all day trying different things, uninstalling and reinstalling Oculus software, drivers, dozens of reboots, PTC opt-in and outs, different USB ports, every "solution" I've found on here and on Reddit, I don't even know what caused the issue. It just acts totally schizophrenic now, the options for sound output do not correspond to the correct things, sometimes it works through the headset, sometimes just through the PC speakers, often neither, sometimes just the PC audio and Oculus Dash audio comes through the headset and not game audio, I'm literally about to fucking lose it. 
  • CookieTangerineCookieTangerine Posts: 1
    This is also happening to me. Even if I choose the Oculus Audio in OBS as the audio source, I get no sound.

    Which is weird because I recorded some footage of some games back when I got the Quest back in October last year or so, and it worked back then. Did one of the updates break this?
  • Umpa_PCUmpa_PC Posts: 486
    Nexus 6
    edited March 23
    Geforce shadow play does not work either.
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  • FlebsyFlebsy Posts: 5
    Audio mirroring seems to be broken right now. I can't get it to work at all - aside from Discord Go Live, which is weird.
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