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HDMI not connected?

PaulcelotPaulcelot Posts: 1
I just purchased an Oculus Rift, which was working prior to purchase, and now whenever i try to plug it in to my computer, it says the HDMI does not connect, no matter which HDMI i connect to. But, I can get video feed onto my headset, I just cannot proceed with the set up process. I have tried restarting, unplugging everything, uninstalling and reinstalling, and otherwise any kind of fix I could find. I just find it odd that I am able to see the feed while it says I am not connected.


  • AriikuuAriikuu Posts: 1
    I have that same exact issue, i've been hours searching for a solution but all I find is to update drivers or to reset my windows. I updated drivers and nothing happened, i uninstalled and installed back the oculus software and still nothing. The only thing i have left to try is to reset windows, but I don't really want to lose my stuff. Maybe it could be helpful for you.
  • StarPlayer340StarPlayer340 Posts: 1
    Any suggestions?  I have the same issue and talked to Oculus who said to talk to NVIDIA who said to talk to NVIDIA who said it is an Oculus issue. ?????  HELP!
  • MattVGEXPMattVGEXP Posts: 9
    Same issue! Struggling for days
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