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Authentication Problem.

There is a new problem with my oculus quest. Whenever it tries to connect to the wifi, it keeps 'authenticating', and either saying "Saved" or "Authentication Problem". Do you know how to fix this new problem?


  • Agent918Agent918 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I have just bought some new games but the headset can't find them because of a WiFi authentication problem. I have reset the headset Wifi connection and re-entered my WiFi password but is just repeats the error message and I have no access to my new games. Grrr.
  • ChairmanMeow_ChairmanMeow_ Posts: 4
    Same here. No support from Oculus. I see this is from december of 2019 which is ridiculous. It's just wifi connection. Out of all the problems with a vr headset, why should wifi connection be one of them?
  • CaryMGVRCaryMGVR Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    This happens to me, too.
    What I do is leave the wifi on and reboot.
    Most of the time it works after a few tries.
    Hope this helps! 
    Not getting online stinks for sure.
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