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Rift S connectivity issues

Hello, I am brand new to oculus and I am having issues getting the headset connected to my pc. When I plug into the ports, I just see the circles spinning when trying to connect the headset for both usb and DisplayPort. I recently purchased a usb 3.0 adapter for my pc to run oculus. This appears in system information and works with other items plugged in. I have a gtx 1060 graphics card so that is not the issue either. I have even plugged the usb into my MacBook Pro and it does not appear in finder, which leads me to believing this is an oculus related issue. I have checked the connections of the wires on the headset itself and they are all connected. Are there any troubleshooting tips on how to fix this or did I get a defective unit? Thanks!


  • VenModBenVenModBen Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    try cleaning out your video card drivers completely and let windows 10 detect your card and install the drivers it has available.

    I tried a clean windows install without putting in the manufacturer driver pack for my video card and just have the one windows put it, and it is working for me now.
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