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Quest initial setup update in loop resetting to 50%

modellbahnFreakmodellbahnFreak Posts: 3
edited December 2019 in Oculus Quest

I'm new to VR (and Oculus, so sory if I'm posting in the wrong forum) and I've bought my new quest today. Now I tried to set it up through the app. The setup wizard runs fine and I'm able to pair the controllers etc. After I complete the last step (acceptig the safety terms) a message pops up that the quest has to update. The update starts at 50% and runs fine for a while, but after a while the updating gets stuck at a certain percentage after being stuck for a few minutes the quest plays the "reboot" sound and the update percentage is reset back to 50%, runs for a while and then gets stuck again. This loop already runs for more than an hour!
Things I already tried (multiple times):
  • Resetting the quest to factory settings (with tha phone and on the quest itself)
  • Connecting the quest and/or my phone to another wifi or using my mobile data plan
  • Reinstalling the oculus app on my phone
  • Restarting the quest
I'd appreciate if someone could help me as I had planned to take my quest on vacation tomorrow, where I'll propably not have any internet.

Edit: one thing I forgot to mention: The percentages at which it gets stuck and then resets vary. I've had runns where it resets at 70% but also ones where it updated until 99%!! (including basically every percentage inbetween)



  • modellbahnFreakmodellbahnFreak Posts: 3
    Update: The updating and setup process has now been running since ~5-8 hours since I last resettet the headset. In that time the update got to 99% almost every time before rebooting the quest and jumping back to 50%. This has happened ~18 times. After some "rounds" I had to manually reboot the headset as the app just wouldn't connect back to it. I have no idea what to try and I am kind of disappointed, that I spend 449€ (+ ~30€ on Games which were on sale a few days ago) on a VR-Headset which now just basically just a useless piece of electronics if the setup doesn't finish! I'd realy apreciate any help!
  • modellbahnFreakmodellbahnFreak Posts: 3
    Is there still no one who experienced a similar problem and knows how to fix it?

    My Quest has now been in that loop for over 2 Days! I've even tried to use another brand new account but that lead to the same result as all previpus attempts.

    I am really dissappointed at this point and really hope to get some help
    (Btw: how long does the Oculus support normally take to process a ticket?)

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