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Oculus isn't accepting my gift card!/Using two cards for one digital game!

StormAtom33StormAtom33 Posts: 1
I have these two gift cards. One of them enters normally but the other one isn't working. It keeps giving me these errors saying that there was an error on their side, when clearly it worked before with the other card. The gift card in question is activated and works but not for oculus. Can anyone help me? Also Question two, can I use two different gift cards to make one purchase?


  • Hype288Hype288 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I am trying to put my visa card onto Oculus App and it keeps saying it couldn't be accepted. The card works, but not for oculus. I then put the card on a paypal and the paypal works. Yet, once again I cant purchase a game. Oculus Support on Twitter said submit a support ticket. I already submited 5 of them 5 days ago. @cybereality What do I do. All I want is to buy a game with my WORKING paypal and card, yet I am not allowed to. Please help. Answers needed. 
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