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Oculus crashes when computer restarts?

So, I have been having this issue since christmas when i got it, already spoke with oculus for 3 days and they can't figure it out either. Same problem as most of you that im having. So i reinstall and blah blah it works fine a game or two, then once i shut down my computer and turn it back on the oculus is a yellow dot on the headset and stuck in oculus update needed so restart infinite loop. I don't know why whenever i restart that this thing stops working but it sucks. I really want to like this thing, the old Oculus worked beautifully, it's this one im having issues. Any idea why a restart would mess this up?

and yes before you all ask i have WAY more specs then needed and tried everything you're going to say including USB power management BS and etc trust me. I'm not reinstalling oculus everytime i restart my computer or have 30min of gameplay and it just stops working. Any other ideas?


  • SinfulTearSinfulTear Posts: 4
    Update: when it crashed my device manager showed I only had 1 Rift S HUB instead of 2. Now i unplugged and plugged them into another USB and display port and everything worked again. Is it messing up my ports? I already enabled all ports manually one by one and in power management to not shut down the ports and be on high power. what am i missing?
  • HelcionHelcion Posts: 66
    Hiro Protagonist
    It's a know bug with a lengthy thread. Either use a usb 3.1 gen 2 port, usb c or buy an inateck card.

    Most simple solution: just unplug and replug the usb after every reboot or when you want to play.
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