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Two quest headsets against the one account

mimiworth123mimiworth123 Posts: 1
Okay I’ve just paid £1k on two headsets for Xmas added them to one account (app does ask do you want to add another headset!!!!!) to find out this isn’t supported.  Whilst the headsets are out of this world and I’m blown away with how good these VR headset are.... to say I’m disappointed with this is an understatement.  

My daughters have been so disappointed that they can’t play each other in multi player games which I have just paid nearly £50 on new games which I now have to pay for twice.  Are the developers looking to change this so two headsets can be supported with different user profiles on the one account? 10/10 for the quest...... account set up 0/10.  

Developers lease help with this issue.  

These are great if you are a single user not Family friendly 😞


  • Lethal_AimsLethal_Aims Posts: 83
    Hiro Protagonist
    I have two Quests on one account for work purposes. I haven’t purchased any commercial apps but free apps are working fine on both. Is it only the paid for apps which are giving you trouble?
  • ConcreteSniperConcreteSniper Posts: 1
    edited May 2
    disappointed here also
    i purchased a 2nd quest for my gf but dont feel like paying them a 2nd time. Now I am debating on returning the 2nd headset because of this.
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