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Happy New Year 2020!

RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 4,591 Valuable Player
edited December 2019 in Off-Topic
Guests are arriving anytime, I better get this post done, and Down Under it's already 2020  o:)

Happy New Year to you all!

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My biggest hopes for 2020:

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  • Techy111Techy111 Posts: 6,735 Volunteer Moderator
    Happy new year @RuneSR2 and all on these forums, all the best for 2020 :)
    A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

  • LuciferousLuciferous Posts: 2,278 Valuable Player
    Happy New Year All  :)
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,206 Volunteer Moderator
    Happy New Year everyone! We’re closing out a pretty stellar year for consumer VR. Here’s hoping for even bigger things in the coming year!
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  • Shadowmask72Shadowmask72 Posts: 4,022 Valuable Player
    edited December 2019
    Jan - April 2020 is going to be filled with great gaming experiences for 2D and VR so get saving those pennies folks.


    System Specs: RTX 2080 ti , i9 9900K CPU, 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, Win 10 64 Bit OS.
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 6,934 Valuable Player
    Happy New Year @RuneSR2 and to all.
  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 7,297 Valuable Player
    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    And just in case SkyNet is starting some time this year I for one would like to welcome our superior robot overlords. Or alien overlords. Or simian overlords. Or radioactive overlords.

    Think that covers everything lol
    "This you have to understand. There's only one way to hurt a man who's lost everything. Give him back something broken."

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  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 2,073 Valuable Player
    Happy two thousand twenty!!!!
  • WildtWildt Posts: 2,165 Valuable Player
    Happy New year 😁🎉🎊🥂🍾
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