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Accessibility with "Grip" Button

Osoito2019Osoito2019 Posts: 1
Hey folks,

I entered the world of VR 2 days ago with a Rift S and so far I have mixed feelings. 

I love the over all experience but I have one problem which ruins some of my game experiences. My finger tendons are shorter than usual and after rehab as a child it got even worse and I can barely or not at all stretch some of my fingers.

Now I have some problems with holding down the grip button with my left hand. I can not hold it down very long before feeling some pain.

I know I should have seen this coming before I bought the Rift S but maybe there is an option to set grip to press and not hold? Or are there smaller Touch Controllers?

Every answer is appreciated.

Thanks very much and happy New Year to y'all.

Greetings from Germany
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