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Your Computer doesn't meet Rift's minimum specs - AMD R9 3950x

So what's up with me installing a AMD R9 3950x and then getting the stupid message:
Your Computer doesn't meet Rift's minimum specs message.
How do I get rid of this ?

Rest of specs:
32GB RAM @3600mhz

Previously using 1700x and was not getting the message.


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 566 Oculus Staff
    Hey S1NT3X, at this time we haven't tested and confirmed that there aren't any issues with the R9 3950X which is why the warning appears. There isn't an ETA that can provided, however it likely will eventually go away; Assuming no issues are noted.
  • RedEmberRedEmber Posts: 1
    Any update on this? I get the same warning and need to use oculustraytool to spoof a cpuid to remove the warning. I also have a 3950X.
  • KinggeoffKinggeoff Posts: 2
    Wondering about this as well, after upgrading to the new Ryzen CPU
  • Umpa_PCUmpa_PC Posts: 304
    It will take months for them to ratify the CPU.  Best for now is to keep using the Oculus Tool.  They should pay the guy who coded it.
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