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Oculus Rift S Screens Won't Turn On

BrickmasterBenBrickmasterBen Posts: 1
edited December 2019 in Support
Hello, I bought my Rift S only a month ago and I am having issues with it. 

When I try to play a game, the headset screens do not turn on. It is still tracking, as when I move around the room the view on the monitor moves with it, and the white light is still on. I have tried everything that the support page recommends for black screens, including unplugging/replugging the headset from the computer as well as from the headset itself, I have tried restarting oculus application, and I have also opted in to the test updates. Nothing has worked. 

Just some speculation on my part: On steam when I play a game, I have the fps shown. Normally, it shows the rift's normal 80 FPS, but since I've been having the issues with the screen it has been showing unlimited fps (2-3 hundred). I assumed that may mean that is an issue with steam VR, but after trying the oculus only apps the screen will not turn on, but this time nothing appears on the monitor either. 
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