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The left touch controller ring is cracked and I don't think I did it. (Launch day controllers.)

Geo-WarriorGeo-Warrior Posts: 1
The crack is only visible from the outside, right around the 9 o'clock position and you can kind of see the "guts" of the ring. The same spot on the inside of the controller ring is intact. The crack is also just slightly to the left of the faint seam that you can see if you look closely at the outside of the ring. I'm always real careful of where I place them when not in use and with out I handle them when I am using them. There's some very small war wounds (wall paint scuffs) on the opposite part of the ring. I've hit the wall a few times while playing the action games but it's been quite a while since I have. My fingers usually lighten the impact when I hit something and I think it's always been my right hand that hits anyways. I can tape the thing in hopes it would strengthen the crack if I really need to but so far I haven't noticed any real problems with the controller tracking and I'd hate to block some of the important lights in the ring. This all appeared out of the blue and I'm afraid it's going to get worse quickly. Has anyone else run into anything like this? I wonder if it's a stress point given that it's so close to the seam. I really don't think it was caused by any accidents while playing. It's been months since I've done so and this crack just appeared. I want to spend $80 on the Oculus Link cable, not a new touch controller. Here's a pic of the cracked outside of the ring and a pic of the same spot on the interior of the ring which you'll notice is not broken. Suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks a lot.


  • OmegaM4NOmegaM4N Posts: 801
    Super glue is your friend in this case. ;)
  • jackBMXjackBMX Posts: 1
    I had the same problem but in the center
  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,373 Valuable Player
    Unfortunately these controllers are much more sensitive than the cv1 touch controllers. I recently dropped my left controller on carpeting ! Only about 3 feet high and I have a crack near the trigger but not quite as wide as yours. But it still works perfectly
  • texas311texas311 Posts: 1
    edited February 10
    I’ve cracked my left controller just left of the oculus logo. But it’s having tracking problems when I cover some parts of the ring with my right controller. But if yours gets as sever as mine I wouldn’t recommend using it for more than 2-4 hours
  • HeMan-Says-HeyyayayHeMan-Says-Heyyayay Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. Left controller and it's really wide.
  • inovatorinovator Posts: 2,373 Valuable Player
    Unfortunately they crack easily. I dropped one only 3 feet on thick carpet and it cracked. The other cracked also but I don't know exactly how. Theory: hitting them together while waving hands around is the most likely reason. I just taped over the cracks. They still work perfectly. I did get one replaced under warranty but it cracked again. The ones from the cv1 were indestructible. They were fine when I ince smashed one against the wall. 
  • wuzpwuzp Posts: 320
    I have the same problem. Left controller and it's really wide.
    The reason it's "really wide," is that's the position of the seam on the inner ring.  The outer ring is one assembly, and after the electronics are inserted; the inner ring is inserted in such a way, that it acts like a spring; pressing everything towards the outer ring.  Unfortunately, the seam is at the same position as your crack.
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