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Oculus Link: USB C to A adapter?

wealthcentralwealthcentral Posts: 14

I've just received the Official Oculus Link cable. It is a USB C-to-C cable.

However, like many people my desktop PC only has USB A ports. So I need a simple USB C-to-A adapter like the one below. However when I try one the Oculus Link cable doesn't work.

Are all USB C-to-A adapters equal? Are there some specs I need to satisfy?


  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,357 Valuable Player
    I'm buying a PCIe card which has a C socket on it - probably the best way if your mobo doesn't already have 3.1

  • wealthcentralwealthcentral Posts: 14
    edited January 3
    Thanks for your response. My mobo *does* have a 3.1 type A (I think most do). I can use a 3.1 type C to A cable just fine. But it's not as long as the Oculus Link cable.
  • 808Exile808Exile Posts: 37
    Brain Burst

    Saw your post and thought I would add my two cents. When I first bought my Quest I tried a variety of different adapters and none of them worked even the ones that claimed to be USB 3.1 superspeed compatible. However, I bought a cable off Amazon (10 ft) that is Type-C to Type-C but it comes with an adapter that works with Oculus Link on my USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports. The company that makes it is called PartyLink. If you search Oculus Link on Amazon you'll get a lot of hits for cables etc that companies are pumping out to support Oculus Link.

    Hope this helps.

  • wealthcentralwealthcentral Posts: 14
    Thanks Gordon. That cable is a bit short for my needs, but the adapter sounds great. I wish I could buy it separately and/or get specs on it
  • rougelrougel Posts: 1
    Hey did you end up finding a working adapter?
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,203 Volunteer Moderator
    I’m using this adapter. It’s working fine for me with the official Link cable. 

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  • mm2butlermm2butler Posts: 5
    When you use these adapters does it still charge the unit?
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