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Oculus Software

DisobeyedLine54DisobeyedLine54 Posts: 1
My oculus software says it needs to restart, Once i restart it just keeps asking me to restart again. I dont know what to do.


  • GlobespyGlobespy Posts: 104
    you must obey the device until it is satisfied restarting.
  • VR2018FRVR2018FR Posts: 42
    Brain Burst
    I have the same problem, it is just stuck in loop,  it does  the firmware  update (well that's what it is said on screen)   and after that  the  headset is not detected but it keeps  saying  that i  have to do a firmware update  that's  the 6 or 7 th time  I tried. (after one month  of not using the  riftS at all, i find this very irritating)
  • VR2018FRVR2018FR Posts: 42
    Brain Burst
    edited January 4
    After unpluging the video cable on the headset I got to blackscreen to the 3 horizontal dots (can hear the oculus theme)  now and i can see my controlers on the floor
  • kobs57kobs57 Posts: 156
    Have you tried uninstalling the oculus software and re installing? sounds like something got corrupted in the download or something
    VR dedicated computer...AMD Ryzen 7 1700X, 
    32 gigs of Corsair Vengence RGB memory,
     MSI 1070-TI,  on a MSI B-450 Gaming plus motherboard,
    EVGA super nova 1000 Watt PSU
    Oculus is on a Samsung 970 evo M.2 V nand 1TB on board SSD   
  • ZaroktheImmortalZaroktheImmortal Posts: 8
    I've had a similar issue since buying it where it'd tell me it can't find the display port or tell me to reset the software or it'd tell me it can't find the headset then I'd go about unplugging it and plugging it back in helps I have to go through pretty much every day of a rinse repeat of unplugging plugging back in restarting my computer and going through different methods until it works for that day I contacted support about it and got told they are aware of the issue and are looking into a fix but have no time frame on a fix. 
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