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Rift S can pass cable check OR sensor check, but not both

PronghornPronghorn Posts: 6
All of the USB ports I've been using are 3.0.

When I plug my headset into either of the two USB ports on the front of my PC, it passes the cable check, but fails the sensor check in the next screen.  If I plug it into any of the ports in the back of my machine, it passes the sensor check, but gives me the dreaded red X on the cable check screen.  The ports are all functioning normally for all my other hardware, like my mouse, keyboard, tablet, etc. so it isn't a simple issue of a busted set of ports.  I even went out and bought a powered USB hub, since that seems to be the solution du jour and it has the same issues when plugged into those respective ports.  Ideas?


  • PronghornPronghorn Posts: 6
    I've also tried all of the usual canned solutions from the Help Center page, like reinstalling Oculus, running a repair on the app, updating to the beta branch, restarting my PC a million times, plugging in cables in certain orders and waiting, and the rest.  Nothing seems to change.

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