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Oculus keeps me from using my Gear VR

I am a happy user/customer of the Quest, but today I wanted to check what apps I was using fequently on the Gear VR which I purchased in 2015. 
I was allowed to enter the main menu room, but then a message popped up relling that I needed to put down the googles and open and login into the Oculus app. Well, I tried, but was not succesful. Either I was put into a loop - after entering the credentials (FB) I am back to the login screen or the spinning wheel rotates until doomsday.
When I try to update my apps in the Play store I get an error message, however, not very precise: "Fehler bei der Suche nach Updates" (maybe "Error during update").
Any chance I can see my favorite VR apps on the Samsung that I am missing on the Quest? (Night Cafe, Cirque de Soleil, etc.)?


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