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Neck muscles not getting enough exercise in VR?

kojackkojack Posts: 6,912 Volunteer Moderator
edited January 6 in Off-Topic
Pistol Whip Lash to the "rescue". You have to headbutt enemies to pistol whip them and head bang to reload. :)

This is a test of my (soon to be released) Oculus Injector. This particular mode lets you use an XBox controller to fake having Touch controllers. It locks the Touch position and orientation relative to your head then maps the XBox controls to the Touch controls. It's not specific to Pistol Whip, it should work with any Oculus app. This is just the most fun test.

Weird, after playing that, I keep trying to move the windows mouse cursor with my head.

Some other (optional) features for the first release of Oculus Injector:
  • Proportionally smooth hand movements as you pull the triggers for people with shaky hands
  • Move your tracking space up/down (play a standing room scale game while seated)
  • Turn off all Touch vibration (save battery life and maybe stop it affecting tracking, not sure since mine doesn't do that normally)
  • Latch the grip triggers so they toggle
  • Reorient the tracking space so you can play Rift games while lying down
Most of these are accessibility options people on the forum have asked for, but Oculus doesn't support. Later I'll add in my motion rig motion cancellation code.

It works on CV1, Rift-S and Quest Link. (Not on stand alone Quest, no idea how to do this stuff in Android).
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