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Bright blurry line when backlight is on

PDT1969PDT1969 Posts: 2
edited January 7 in General
Hi everybody,
I’m experiencing a tedious issue with my brand new Oculus Quest: as soon as the back light turns on, a bright blurry white/green line appears on the right-center of the screen.
I’ve tried to replicate the issue by manually editing a snapshot. This is more or less what I see (the real issue is even brighter than the image below):

The issue occurs if I close either eyes and is more evident on the right one:

This excludes any scratch or issue with lenses (I carefully double checked though).
After some check, I’m pretty sure this is some kind of reflection caused by the back-light (or the led on the top center front?):
when I boot Oculus, I see the logo on a perfectly black background. As soon as the back light turns on, the issue appears.

More context:
I see it on light static backgrounds as well (white, skies, etc).
It’s always the same, the shape never changes and stays in the same position, no matter how I move my head. And, sadly, it seems it’s getting worse.

It started after around 1 week of very moderate and fair use of the device.

Is anybody else experiencing something like this? I’m thinking to ask the shop for a replacement...

Any advice?

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