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Issues with Wifi?

caboose510caboose510 Posts: 1
For some reason when my quest is connected to wifi I get intermittent issues with my router. It started when I borrowed a friend’s quest what would happen is our network would appear separately from xfinity wifi and become unusable. 

When I returned it to my friend we didn’t have the problems and now since I recently got a quest for xmas it is happening again. Usually when I turn the quest off after using it there is no problem, but when I leave it on then I will usually experience this odd unresponsive network split when we get home from work or when we wake up in the morning.

what solves it: resetting the router solves it but like I stated, once we get home or wake up it’ll disconnect again. 

Has anything like this happened to anyone else? There are no other factors I can think of that have differed between the times we’ve gotten these issues and not.
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