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Quest will not hold a charge and can't reset, looks as if the charger is not working

VerlanderfamVerlanderfam Posts: 2
Put my Quest on charge last night, this morning it is completely flat and doesn't appear to be charging at all.  No lights lit up when plugged in and will not turn on, just shows no battery.


  • bobkbrownbobkbrown Posts: 19
    Connect to another charger or PC.. if you do not see an orange or Green light indicator on the headset, try plugging in for a bit and then holding the power button in for 20-30 seconds. If that does not work then time to warranty or return it. 
  • 808Exile808Exile Posts: 37
    Brain Burst

    I had the same issue on my newly purchased Quest and I opened a ticket with Oculus and after doing some testing I am pretty sure that it was the cable. At one point per supports request I tried plugging the cable into the Type-C USB port on my Motherboard, (just the cable no headset) and it threw an error about a device on the port drawing too much power, but there was nothing connected and it basically crashed my USB bus. Had to do a complete shutdown and unplug the computer to get it back. This is exactly the type of behavior I would expect if the cable had a short. Oculus sent me both a new cable and adapter. Not 100% sure which one was the problem and I haven't had time to test to see for sure.

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