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oculus link wants a permission every time i start it up

Swamp_rocket97Swamp_rocket97 Posts: 9
oculus link does not work because it wants the file perm and that sucks! it started in roblox vr and BAM. it just happened and now it will happen in oculus home too! one min you are in oculus home. the next min you get a void with a popup saying that you can let it look at your files on your oculus! can someone find how to stop it from doing that?


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 568 Oculus Staff
    edited January 7
    Hello Swamp_rocket97, can you try re-running the setup and repairing the software, if not reinstalling it? You can also try rebooting the headset. If the issue does persist, create a ticket - Principe
  • Swamp_rocket97Swamp_rocket97 Posts: 9
    edited January 9
    the issue has been resolved... for now. i will keep this open if it happens tomorrow or sooner
  • Swamp_rocket97Swamp_rocket97 Posts: 9
    btw i tested it before i was going to do what you said to do so i did not have to do it
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