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Rifle stocks for the quest?

So ive been looking at various stocks for the quest, ranging from various cheap ones to the magtube. Im hesitant with the magtube since it comes out of france. I dont mind paying for quality if its going to be something useful. Anyone have any experiences? Does the magtube feel close to an actual rifle when using it?

I saw a magnetic stock from 3daptive on ebay. Anyone use this?

Finally the virtual rifle system looks wonderful. Similarbto an airsoft rifle rtc. My concern is that it attaches to the ring vs making an adapter to slide the controller into.  It would seem like this would create stress as it seems like it would be a weak point.



  • MegalithikMegalithik Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    Virtual Rifle system  touch2 clamp works fine the rifle is 3d printed and very light .
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