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How well doe Oculus Link work?

So I recently was looking into getting a PCVR headset, after much deliberating with the often confusing differences between the mainstream choices, I decided to go with the Oculus Quest as the idea that not every game would require me to be plugged into a PC sounded nice, however a major deciding factor was that it still could connect to PC via the new Oculus Link so I could still play the Rift and SteamVR exclusives, I have attempted to test this on all 3 of my houses PCs however for different reasons (weak graphics card, lack of USB 3.0 and computer completely unwilling to connect to headset despite having a functioning USB 3.0 port) I have been unable to test the Links viability reliably, I simply want to know if Link is stable enough to justify not taking a proper PCVR headset as otherwise I will be returning it, I don't need PCVR immediately if I can just use the Quests portable features for now but if this headset is no good for eventual PCVR then I would rather wait and get a proper PCVR set, searching online for something so new and niche hasn't really answered my question, how well does Oculus Link actually work?


  • JackalotrunJackalotrun Posts: 2
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    For reference, I have managed to connect it succesfully to my personal PC, my graphics card is not the strongest and struggles with VR however I have managed to get into the Link and have managed to get a SteamVR game up (Tabletop Simulator), however I am concerned as it kicked me a number of times back to the Quest interface and the game itself struggled with controller bindings or something and refused to let me go further than a screen saying as such, another game I tried Suicide Guy functioned so poorly that I was unable to really get any extra information, I'm hoping that these issues were caused because rubbish GPU is rubbish / games being awkward to VR in general and not Oculus Link isn't suitable and you've bought the wrong headset, it also means I am unwilling to buy any actual Oculus Quest games until I know if I am returning it or not so if anyone knows anything that'd be great
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,269 Volunteer Moderator
    Link works very well for me. With an unofficial cable I had occasional drop-outs to the Quest interface, but that hasn't happened since I got the official Link cable. Visuals are better than my Rift CV1, controllers and tracking work perfectly, and for the most part it's just like using a PCVR headset (although slightly less comfortable than my old Rift). The only remaining issue is that the mic doesn't work, but that will hopefully be addressed in a future software update.
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  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 980
    I’d suggest you watch some video comparisons such as this one

    Choice of computer hardware may also have an impact. 

    You need to also ask yourself, do you really want to be able to play games untethered or just PC VR games?  The Quest can be quite uncomfortable to wear for extended periods without add ons/mods to make it more comfortable.

    The Quest is the only consumer hybrid PC VR headset available at the moment. 

    I used to have a Rift CV1 and now have a Quest. The games I’ve been testing on my Quest with Link have been working great. I recently had a friend bring his Rift S over and connected to my gaming laptop. Neither of us could notice any major differences between the two. We couldn’t really notice any difference in smoothness with the Quest having a slightly slower refresh rate etc.

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