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Step Turn Locomotion Mod - Rework 2

Firestorm185Firestorm185 Posts: 122

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Step Turn Mod!

Post image

Hero Image from the old rework V1 Showcase video

I know there was a really nice UI-based smooth locomotion mod that MGS Studios had created before, but I wanted to use the A button placement for the jump versus the menu, and I needed snap turning (my VR legs are used to snap turning and smooth turning just makes me a bit sick) so since I couldn't get a hold of the source files for that old smooth loco mod, I made my own! This one focuses on Rec Room style smooth locomotion, with 45 degree snap turning. (Rec Room-style locomotion moves with your head's direction as the forward vector)

Alrighty, so here's the official control scheme for the step turn mod!

Post image
-Description -

I needed to make sure that it was still possible to teleport to start level events, as there's no way, outside of editing each individual level, to make the level events occur without teleporting onto those blue teleport locations (or the dark blue arrows in some parts of the level where they just want you to move, but not face a specific direction) and the easiest way I found to do that was to use the best of both worlds! The left joystick can no longer be used for teleporting. Instead, it is locked indefinitely to smooth locomotion. the Right joystick, then, gains the biggest responsibility. Because the "step turn" mod is actually a smooth locomotion mod, I wanted a way to keep smooth turning in, even though I prefer step/snap turning. So on the right joystick now, not only does is step turn, but if you click down the joystick like a button, you'll toggle smooth turning! Wazaa! Also, if you hit the X button on your left controller, the right joystick will no longer smooth/snap turn... but instead use teleport! This allows you to:

A) Teleport up and down to places that are hard to reach by jumping

B) start level events, like the boss fight or the roborelay

C) quickly teleport to save yourself on the rooftop levels where falling can mean player-death (if you die though, the level just restarts with my mod,
something that was missing from previous smooth turning mods. Only side effect is the music doesn't always stop. xD )

So there you go! If you need to recall what buttons do what, just take a gander at the button mappings up in the image above, and run those tal-9's out of Metropolis! I'll be uploading videos demonstrating how to use the mod here soon. Enjoy!
(also, if anyone is interested in making Robo-Recall type titles for their videos in the future, the RECALL font from the logo is called Basic Instinct. It can be purchased from here -
Basic Instinct - Creative Marketplace

Here's the mods and source folder, unzip the mod source folder and put the folder inside the plugins directory for the mod kit to try it yourself! 

- Downloads -

V1 (Unreleased)
V2 (Crazy Jumps) - Step_TurningV2.robo
V3 (fine tuned jump) - Step_TurningV3.robo
V4 (Game-ready!) - Step_TurningV4.robo
V5 (Bug Crunch!) - Step_TurningV5.robo
V8.1 (Portal Requirements) - Step_TurningV8.1.robo
V9.2 (slo-mo) -

Rework V1 (slo-mo) - Step_Turn_Rework.robo
Rework V2 (better slo-mo) - Step_Turn_ReworkV2.robo

Rework 2 V1 (sprint) -

- Source Files -

Source Folder (V8.1) -

- Patch Notes -

Rework 2 Version 1 -

Had to move the files over to a new project, export broke on the old one. This version includes a sprint toggle! Click the left joystick to go double speed! Clicking again or teleporting will reset it to walking speed. Teleporting also locks you in place. Just let go of the left joystick to unlock. (keeps you from immediately falling off a ledge once you teleport)

I also reworked the bigbots for this version. Instead of having cannisters, they just have 120 hp. Just shoot em a bunch to bring em down! They're immune to bullets while doing ground pound or shooting their lasers though, so watch out!

Rework 1 Version 2 -

In Rework Version 2 I adjusted the hydrocoptic impeller veins in the parametric fan on the unilateral phase shifter of the Quantum Reactor, causing the gear grind sound to dissipate far more quickly when toggled on, resulting in a much quieter use of slow-motion photo-atomic manipulation.

(If you get this reference, you get a free turbo encabulator, congratulations)
Rework Version 1 -

Rework Version 1 fixes the export problem I was previously having, and finally gets the quantum reactor moving! Press the Y button with an empty hand to toggle slow-mo! (There's a bug in this version that made the strafing really slow, I'll be fixing that now)

The Version 9.2 Release - 

Version 9.2 introduces an experimental slo-mo mechanic, clicking the Y button with an empty hand activates what I'm calling the "quantum reactor" (a name I gave the infinitely repeating humming noise that occurs when I activate slo-mo) and the player enters a slowed time state, able to interact and even shoot enemies in slow motion. this does not impede on the player's movement speed, however. you move normally. This can also not be toggled while holding any weapon that makes use of the Y button (The Lightsabers Mod, for example)

The V5 Release

This release squashes a couple more bugs and really makes a big impact on how you play this mod.
the biggest problem I had with the mod previously was that players could sometimes be thrown into the air when walking over ragdoll'd opponents, but now, I've turned that off, so the player passes right through downed robots, alleviating that problem. I also got rid of the problem where shooting while jumping or running forward would make the player skid or jitter. it's now smooth sailing!  

The V4 release

The first play-ready release! I've tuned the bugs a bit more, so most of the kinks are out now. There are now only two/three major bugs still needing work done:

- Sometimes you'll just randomly get launched high into the air from bumping into a robot. It doesn't happen all the time, but it can be a bit disorienting the first time it happens.

- With this, since the player has gravity now, when the levels finish you can fall out of the end-level box with the menu asking you if you want to go back to the hub! The first set of levels you'll stop if you don't touch your left joystick after about a second, and can still reach the hub button with your pointer, but you fall to your death in the rooftop level. XD

- The other is that running forward or jumping forward with an automatic weapon can sometimes cause a stutter in your velocity. I believe this has something to do with the player capsule not ignoring the spawned bullets, but I'm not sure. It's probably also linked to the first bug.

Other than that, this update introduces teleporting back for the player, fine tunes the jump speed again, and fixes a couple other things, making it truly the best possible snap-turn, smooth-locomotion Robo Recall experience you can have!

The V3 release

Reduces jump velocity a bit (you can still jump a decent distance, just not quite as far).
there are still some bugs (if you melee a bot with your hands, sometimes you'll be sent flying the opposite direction a ways) but for the most part it's usable. This version does not feature any teleportation mechanic however, so it is best used in maps that don't require teleportation to start a new wave. (my arena maps are a good example)

The V2 release 

The most unstable version. Teleporting is completely disabled, falling into the kill mesh for robots kills you and breaks the game, etc etc. Don't recommend using this version unless you want to see my dev process.

PC specs - GTX 1070 (MSI AERO); 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3; intel i5-4590, MSI motherboard (don't remember but it was a combo deal) and an EVGA Supernova 750W semi-modular.
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