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Superhot - great game but but not saving progress?

bubbleteajshbbubbleteajshb Posts: 3
Hi! Just that really - seem to have lost where I was up to yesterday. I have seen lots of threads about users wanting to reset for friends to use but nothing about not saving. Maybe I have set it up wrong. Is there something I can do so that it saves progress? Thanks.


  • MegalithikMegalithik Posts: 10
    When this kind of thing happens to me, i either needed to hit OK on a pop-up on the desktop to allow access and/or my anti-virus programs were stopping it from writing.  The biggest problematic game i have that does this is BoxVR.  But i haven't played superhot so it may suffer the same issues.
  • bubbleteajshbbubbleteajshb Posts: 3
    But am just playing it solely on Quest? thanks.
  • Umpa_PCUmpa_PC Posts: 148
    SuperHot is played by scenes, when you die you are taken back to the very beginning of that scene. It does not save the progress in between the 'grab' triangle.  Is that what you mean ?
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