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Navigate functions gone

Zenobius101Zenobius101 Posts: 7
edited January 8 in Oculus Quest 2 and Quest
After setting up oculus link today for my quest, which works awesome by the way, all the navigate functions (home, library, store and search are no longer appearing when the Link cable provided by Oculus is not connected. The only thing I find out of the ordinary is in the Settings/Virtual says no internet connection. Please help!!!!
Many restarts, no help.
Hold volume and power button for 10+ sec and restart, no help.
Any Ideas?

P.S. The only games that show up on Oculus Link is the one I downloaded while Linked. Is that normal?


  • Zenobius101Zenobius101 Posts: 7
    edited January 8
    Started a game from the Oculus app on my phone and the navigation buttons are now all working and screens are up, all is business as usual inside the Quest VR headset :)
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